CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2010
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Team Motorola

Mobile User Generated Video Services

Winner of the Design Day Urban Science Sigma Award.

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Video on demand services like TiVo or Comcast On Demand have become very popular over the past decade because of the many benefits they offer to their users. However, these benefits are limited. You can only watch shows and movies you record or watch the programs provided to you by your service provider. Now, think of the ability to take control of this service. The ability to watch your own videos anywhere you or your friends and family watch TV.

We have developed a system that allows users to upload their own content and make this content accessible via a cable box. The user does this by uploading a video from their computer, iPhone, or Android device to a web service. The user gives the video a name and description, and then selects which of their buddies can view the video.

Once the video is uploaded to the service and buddies are associated, the service alerts the appropriate cable headend that a new video is available to be viewed. The headend then downloads the video and converts it to a stream-capable format and saves it to be watched at any time.

The user can navigate through their list of movies on their cable box and select which one they want to watch. Upon selecting a video, it is then streamed to their television.

All services are implemented in Java, deployed on a Glassfish application server and use a MySQL database. The Android app is developed in Java and the iPhone app in Objective-C using Xcode. All Java is developed in Eclipse.

Team Motorola

Mobile User Generated Video Services

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MSU Team Members
Jonathan Szynkowski, Holly, Michigan
Brandon Malicoat, Frankenmuth, Michigan
Kurt Seippel, Canton, Michigan
Robert Gaul, Standish, Michigan