CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2010
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Team Auto-Owners Insurance

Weather Incident Verification System

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When bad weather happens, insurance companies have their hands full with all the claims they receive. It is the job of the claims associates to determine whether a claim should be accepted or denied.

These often multi-million dollar decisions must be made very carefully. Proper research on recent weather events in the area of the claim will aid the associates in determining its validity.

To aid Auto-Owners Insurance in this research, we have developed a Weather Incident Verification System.

This web application allows a claims associate to easily search the weather history for the location in which the claim was made. The results can then be compared to the claim to see if a weather event may have caused the damage.

Searching can be done by first entering a date, or date range. Then, the user may enter either an address, or a specific latitude and longitude. Policyholders can be searched by last name to look up their address as well.

Once the associate submits the information, the results are neatly displayed along with a map of the area. Individual events can be clicked on for more detailed information.

Results can also be saved to a file for recordkeeping.

Although this program cannot decide the validity of the claim on its own, it may provide valuable information for the claims associate to consider in their decision.

Team Auto-Owners Insurance

Weather Incident Verification System

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MSU Team Members
Joseph Lockard, Lansing, Michigan
Evan Dontje, Dewitt, Michigan
Edward Waller, Okemos, Michigan