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Collaborative Video Editing

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Popular video sites such as YouTube and Google have recently expanded their audiences by adding the feature of closed captioning to their videos. However, speech recognition technologies are far from perfect and often create imperfect transcriptions of the video.

With the guidance of TechSmith, we have developed a solution to these issues by creating a website where users can upload their videos to be automatically captioned, find other captioned videos, and correct any incorrect captions. This allows for an entire community to contribute to the transcription of videos.

Using our website, you could search for captioned videos you are interested in. After a user logs in, they are then able to upload videos for automatic captioning and submit edited captions for videos of other users as well as their own.

If a user finds an error in the caption, they can make their desired correction in "Edit Mode" to access the captions and make the appropriate changes. These edits will officially be made to the video upon the approval of the video's owner.

Users can search for what was said in the video as well as tags of uploaded videos. Still shots from the videos along with a brief description are displayed as results of the search.

This software automatically generates captions by using the Windows Speech Recognition engine (v. 5.1) on Windows Server 2003. Captioned videos are viewed with Adobe Flash Player while video information is stored in a MySQL database.

Thomas Davison, John Carlson, Stephanie Ortiz, Robert Victoria

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