Team 4. Ford Motor Company

Ford Conference Room Monitor

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Winner of the TechSmith Screencast Award

The Ford Conference Room Monitor revolutionizes how people and groups find and utilize conferencing areas. Above and beyond the benefits that it provides to general employees, the Ford Conference Room Monitor allows building management to better oversee their facilities and administer the resources at their disposal.

Using a collection of small wireless sensors, data is collected about conference rooms in real time. This data is transmitted back to a server where it is analyzed and available to users through a web application. Floor plans using a color-coded highlighting scheme indicate available, possibly occupied, and unavailable conference rooms to the user. From this interface, users can also view the schedule of a given room as well as schedule new meetings in open time.

Historical information is maintained in a database, in order to better inform building managers of room usage. Metrics such as temperature, light usage, humidity, and room cancellations are at the fingertips of those who need to know. Custom graphical output, and statistical summaries are available to view through a web browser, or print off for later.

In addition to the simple accessibility of the data, building managers can add new buildings, floors, and conference rooms with ease. After the building manager uploads a floor plan through the web interface, it is automatically converted to the map viewed by the user.

Welcome to the future of conference room management.

Nicholas Stumpos, Gregory Kent, Lauri Marc Ahlman, Michael Peteuil

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