Team 1. Altair Engineering

3D Object Rendering Java Applet

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The Web has already become the de-facto standard of communication, for manufacturers and consumers. As of right now, all web-sites can display two dimensional objects, but the future will allow for quickly loading three dimensional objects and greater interaction.

As it is becoming more and more critical for companies to be able to communicate with one another, it is also important for designers to allow collaboration between each other regarding their designs.

Working with Altair Engineering, we built software that displays 3D files on the internet, and allows manipulation of the object shown. The use of this will allow any individual to select a 3D file and allow it to be displayed within a web browser. This will allow designers located across the country to see exactly how the object is supposed to look like.

Eventually such technology will allow customers to compare various products through a web-site, without needing to have those products physically there. In a few years, it is predicted that this type of technology will be integrated within various web browsers making 3D the visualization standard.

Technology like this will greatly increase the quality and value of the products that will be made and will help decrease errors and miscommunication between parties.

Our software is written using Java, XML, X3D, and STL.

Jeffrey Stempel, Evan Bowling, Ben Grossman

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