Design Day Photo Gallery, Spring 2009

Lionel Li gets his game on for Team Toro.

The teams make final checks on their systems.

CSE Administrative Assistant Debbie Kruch gives a few last minute Design Day instructions.

Team 1. Altair Engineering. Jeffrey Stempel, Evan Bowling, Ben Grossman.

Team 2. Auto-Owners Insurance. Gina Chernoby, Michael Eaton, Steve Springer, Daniel Chandonnet.

Team 3. Boeing. David Bedell, Taufik Hadayat, Nicholas Ramirez, Keith Schonberger.

Team 4. Ford. Michael Peteuil, Gregory Kent, Lauri Marc Ahlman, Nicholas Stumpos.

Team 5. GE Aviation. Xulu Zhang, William Rogers-Snodgrass, Eric Partlo, David Schwanky.

Team 6. Motorola. Bethany Wenzel, Randy Lyczynski, Maitland Marsh.

Team 7. TechSmith. Robert Victoria, John Carlson, Thomas Davison, Stephanie Ortiz.

Team 8. Terex. Brian Beck, Michael Pawlowski, Brad Kasper, Michael Vo.

Team 9. Toro. Brian Osborn, Dominic DiCicco, Daniel DeMeyere, Lionel Li.

Team 10. Urban Science. Jeremy Kocks, Jeffrey Smith, Jason Weber.

First visitors arrive while Eric Bowling makes a point with Michael Vo.

Team Motorola talks with College of Engineering Alumni Board Chairperson Joe Gentile.

Professor George Stockman quizzes Team TechSmith.

Team TechSmith hands out SWAG to a Design Day visitor.

Randy Lyczynski explains Team Motorola's User Generated Video Service for Cable Systems.

Evan Bowling and Ben Grossman present Team Altair's 3D Object Rendering Java Applet.

Team Auto-Owner's Gina Chernoby and her family.

Marc Ahlman answers questions about Team Ford's Ford Conference Room Monitor.

Team Ford's Nick Stumpos with his dad and mom.

Team Urban Science with their clients Suzanne DeBuis, Jay Lytle, and Mark Colosimo.

Team Urban Science presents Web-Based Geography Management.

Team Terex's Michael Vo with his parents.

A future air traffic controller and pilot.

Preparing for takeoff in a Boeing 737.

"Charlie Sierra Echo Four Nine Eight, climb and maintain flight level three three thousand."

Team Auto-Owner's Michael Eaton with his family.

Ben Grossman and Eric Bowling explain Team Altair's Java applet to a future Spartan.

Professor Abdol Esfahanian listens to Brian Beck explain Team Terex's Project Portfolio Management system.

Design Day guests learn about Team Boeing's KML Urban Scene Builder from Nick and Taufik.

The crowds continue to arrive at the show floor.

Team Ford presents Ford Conference Room.

Nick Stumpos, Marc Ahlman, and Greg Kent discuss the Ford project with Academic Advisor Teresa VanderSloot and Dean Satish Udpa.

Team Auto-Owners insurances poses with their clients Scott Lake and Bob Buchanon.

Professor Abdol Esfahanian grills Team Auto-Owners Insurance about their Telephone Log Self-Service Dashboard.

Team Ford's Michael Peteuil with his dad and mom.

Team Urban Science's Jason Weber explains the difference between a primary market area and a census tract.

Future Spartans learn about air traffic control systems from Team GE Aviation's Xulu Zhang.

Team Toro's ecXtra sprinkler system controller along with their model front lawn (and cool Toro SWAG).

Team Toro's Brian Osborn explains their Water Smart Irrigation Software.

Team Toro's Brian Osborn with his family.

Team GE Aviation with their clients Don Moore and Bob Taylor.

Design Day visitors learn about computer science capstone projects.

Local area students learn about software for residential sprinkler systems.

The crowds grow as the show goes on.

Team Motorola's Bethany Wenzel explains the inner workings of cable TV set top boxes to some special guests.

Team Motorola's Bethany Wenzel with her dad and mom.

Professor Matt Mutka asks Team Motorola's Randy Lyczynski about the effects of network latency on streaming video.

Team TechSmith along with their clients Scott Schmerer, Dean Craven, and Chris Bowron.

Team Motorola poses with their client Kabe VanderBaan.

Motorola client Kabe VanderBaan and Dean Satish Udpa discuss the strategic relationship between Motorola and MSU.

"Coach" Bob Buchanon of Auto-Owners Insurance huddles his team for Design Day.

Team Terex's Brian Beck with his dad and mom.

Team Ford introduces themselves to the Design Day judges.

Team Ford watches their project video with the Design Day judges as Greg Kent sweats it out on screen.

Design Day judges Rich Enbody, Lisa Byington, Naim Falandino, and Karen Wrobel.

Design Day judges Marty Strickler, Brian Neimiec, Louise Hemond-Wilson, and Kevin Ohl.

Team Ford does Q&A with the judges.

Team TechSmith's Stephanie Ortiz explains a technical detail to the judges.

Design Day judge Karen Wrobel of Chrysler meets with Team Urban Science on the show floor.

Design Day judges Naim Falandino of Covisint and Brian Niemiec of Sircon grill Team Toro.

Design Day judge Lisa Byington of WLNS TV poses a few final questions to Team TechSmith.

Design Day judge Rich Enbody of MSU asks Team Altair why they used Java instead of Python.

Design Day judge Marty Strickler of Rose Packing makes a point with Team Ford.

Team Toro demos their software for Design Day judge Naim Falidino of Covisint.

Team Ford adds a last minute member to their team.


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