Team 3. Chrysler

Performance Feedback System Dashboard

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The Performance Feedback System, or PFS, is the method Chrysler uses to track the status of cars in each of their assembly plants. There are hundreds of sensors and tools throughout each assembly plant that report manufacturing problems and statistics to the PFS database. This information is then used by Chrysler technicians to fix a problem before the car is sold, and by managers to monitor the status of a certain area or car on the plant floor.

The current way that employees get information from the Performance Feedback system is through a website that allows them to create a graph of the data they need.

However, if an employee would like to see multiple areas of the plant, or multiple views of an area, he/she must manually create each type of graph needed. Additionally, if the employee needs to see the same types of graphs every day, they must create them each time. This is where the PFS Dashboard system comes into play.

The PFS Dashboard is a website that can display many graphs of real-time information at the same time, and allow the employee to arrange and customize each as desired. In addition, they can choose a personalized set of graphs to view for their specific area of interest, and save it for next time they log-in for quick access.

The PFS Dashboard is powered by Java2, Java Server Pages, JavaScript, and a mySQL database.

Meshal Alsahli, David Ackerman, Julian Simioni, Taylor Marshall

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