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GUI Configuration Tool for Interviews

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Winner of the TechSmith Screencast Award

Sircon Corporation is one of the leading software providers to the insurance industry. Many insurance companies use software provided by Sircon to streamline their processes.  Specifically, for this project we concentrated on the interview process that is used to hire new sales representatives.

Currently, insurance companies submit their paper interview forms to Sircon, at which point a trained analyst creates a series of electronic interview forms.  This allows insurance companies and their prospective new hires access to the interviews via the World Wide Web. The application that contains these insurance companies’ interviews is called Producer Express™ (PX).

To save Sircon time and money, we have created 'Interview Configuration Interface' (ICI), a tool that makes the process of creating an online interview much easier.  Instead of “hand-coding” an interview for each new customer, ICI provides a user-friendly graphical interface.  This reduces the training necessary before a Sircon analyst can begin to set up an interview, and reduces the time required to set up an interview once training is complete.

This graphical application was written using Java version 1.6 and will run under the Windows XP operating system. While a graphical interview is created, ICI will automatically generate and validate the Extensible Markup Language (XML) files required by PX to describe an insurance company’s interview. ICI implements XML validation to ensure a seamless transition from design to production.

Mike Gracik, Nicholas VanHowe, Ben Split, Ryan Abbott

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