Design Day Photo Gallery, Fall 2007

Team Motorola presents to the panel of Design Day judges.

Judges Marty Strickler from Rose Packing and Rick Rose from Chrysler listen intently to Team Motorola.

Team Motorola illustrates their Agent Framework.

Team Sircon explains their project to a Design Day attendee.

Professor George Stockman quizzes the Ford Team.


Team TechSmith plans strategies for Design Day.

Design Day at the MSU Union.

Team TechSmith discusses their Rich Media Player with Design Day attendees.

Team Ford prepares for Design Day.

Team TechSmith member Jayson Conley answers questions about their project.

Team Ford answers questions from Spartan parents.

Judge Mike Drazan evaluates Team Sircon's software system.

Judge Rick Rose listens to Team IBM.

Prof. Matt Mutka with Team Auto-Owners.

Judges Naim Falandino, Marty Strickler, and Kevin Ohl chat with Team Ford.

Team IBM member Mark Bernum explains processor folding to a fellow engineering student.

Judge Rick Rose evaluates Team Motorola's Agent Framework Management Console.

Prof. Abdol Esfahanian and Judge Marty Strickler watch a demo of Team TechSmith's Rich Media Player.

Team Sircon talks with Judge Mike Drazan.

Dean Craven of TechSmith makes an animated point to Mike Gracik of Team Sircon.

Judge Mike Drazan learns about Team IBM's processor folding on Linux.

Judge Matt Mutka and Prof. Abdol Esfahanian watch a demo of Team TechSmith's Rich Media Player.

Judge Rick Rose evaluates Team Sircon.

Judge Rick Rose and TechSmith's Dean Craven chat with Team Sircon.

Judge Marty Strickler talks with Team Sircon.

CSE Design Day teams show off their wares to the judges.

Judge and Prof. Mutka makes a point.

Judge and Prof. Mutka quizzes Team Motorola.

Judge Kevin Ohl listens to Team Sircon.

Team Motorola with project sponsor Kabe VanderBaan of Motorola.

Judge Marty Strickler asks questions of Team Auto-Owners.

Team Ford poses with MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

Sparty learns XML.

Team Auto-Owners poses with Sparty and MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

Team Ford hangs out with Sparty.

Prof. Mutka pals around with Sparty.

Sparty plays a trick on Design Day judge Naim Falandino.

MSU Trustee Melanie Foster visits with Auto-Owners Insurance team.

MSU Trustee Melanie Foster poses with Team IBM.

MSU Trustee Melanie Foster poses with Motorola team member Calvin Pinsuwan.

Team Sircon presents their project to MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

Team Sircon answers questions from MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

MSU Trustee Melanie Foster learns about Team Sircon's capstone project.

Team Sircon poses with MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

Team TechSmith poses with MSU Trustee Melanie Foste

Kevin Ohl announces the Design Day award winning teams.

Team IBM presented with the Chrysler Praxis Award by Rick Rose, Senior Manager, Chrysler.

Team Sircon presented with the TechSmith Screencast Award by Dean Crave, Vice President of Research, TechSmith.

Team TechSmith presented with the Auto-Owners Insurance Exposition Award by Bob Buchanon, CIO, Auto-Owners Insurance.

Team Motorola presented with the Crowe Sigma Award by Kevin Ohl, Senior Partner, Crowe Chizek.


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