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Golf Vision Interface for Turf Guard

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Winner of the TechSmith Screencast Award

Golf course management is a multi-million dollar per year industry. Only course managers with the right soil data can make the right choices to maintain pristine conditions for maximum playability. To respond to this need, the Toro Company developed the cutting edge Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System.

The Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System consists of buried sensors, repeaters, a base station, and a user interface. The sensors transmit data on soil moisture, temperature, and salt levels every 5 minutes around the clock. The existing web-based Golf Vision user interface for Turf Guard is beginning to show its age. Toro wanted a faster and more intuitive Golf Vision desktop application that golf course managers can use to monitor course conditions accurately.

The new Golf Vision user interface provides access to data acquired from the existing Turf Guard system and presents it to course managers in an intuitive way, with easy to read graphs via the Dundas Charting Library. The interface provides quick summaries of soil moisture, salinity, and temperature, while also allowing users to drill down into more detailed information.

Weather forecasts coupled with the Turf Guard data, provides valuable information that allows course managers to make immediate decisions for present and future conditions.

Golf Vision was developed using Microsoft's .NET Framework, and is written in C#.

Jacob Denzer, Brian Walsh, Brett Lesnau, Eric Jensen

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