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Vendor Tracking System

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Imagine that every time you went to a store, before you could shop at the store, you had to stop and write down your name, what you were there to buy, the time of day, and other information. The time that this process takes could be time that you could be shopping in the store. The Vendor Tracking System we have developed will help minimize the time requirements of this process.

Once our system is implemented at Auto-Owners' facility, it will greatly streamline visitor management. When a visitor arrives at Auto-Owners, instead of writing down all their information, they will instead type their information into a computer. Following that, they will be given a visitor tag to wear while they are in the building. The visitor tag will be equipped with a bar code which will be assigned to the visitor for the duration of their visit.

When the visitor wants to leave, all they need to do is hand their tag to the administrative assistant, who can just scan the barcode as the visitor walks out the door to tell the system that the visitor is no longer in the building.

Since they are entering their information on a computer instead of on paper, the next time a visitor comes, all their information is already in the system and they just have to give their name.

Auto-Owners employees are also able to register a visit for the future and to have an email sent when that person arrives. The Vendor Tracking System even allows you to run reports of all visits in the system, past, present and future.

Nicholas Frattaroli, Ken Davidson, Clayton Boylen

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