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Management Console for the Agent Framework

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Winner of the Crowe Sigma Award

Motorola's Agent Framework exists to remotely manage network entities (e.g., a router, or an access point), allowing management of a network without having to become an expert in each entity's configuration language.  However, managing components of this framework has now become cumbersome.  In order to ease management of the framework, components need to be managed remotely.  The solution for this problem involves an AJAX, web based console that interacts remotely with components generated by the framework.

Agents exist to receive data from and reprogram a network entity.  Since different entities provide and use different data formats, the agent will translate the data into a common format and send the data to a client application, and vice versa.

Repositories exist to allow agents to be extended, enabling an agent to interact with an entity using a new data format.  When a new component is developed, the component is uploaded to a repository so it can be downloaded and installed by an agent.

The management console is an AJAX, web-based interface.  By using AJAX technology, the console provides the look and feel of a desktop application within a web browser. 

The console manages agents and repositories that exist at known locations. The console is able to query, add and remove components on an agent, configuring the agent to communicate with network entities and client applications.  Additionally, the console is able to upload a new component to a repository, and request the agent to download the new component.

Calvin Pinsuwan, David Dylegowski, David Robishaw, Drew Breider

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