Team 1. Auto-Owners Insurance

Vendor Management System

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The Vendor Management System looks to maintain all 3rd party contracts that Auto-Owners currently holds.  All contracts from Microsoft for their Office Suite product to IBM for a contractor will be held in our system.  The program will be a virtual filing cabinet for information concerning contracts.

 The difference between our system and a filing cabinet is that it will be accessible to many people at once, as well as notify the management about expiring contracts.  This electronic solution will aid in facilitating important business decisions based around contracts.

 The business impact that our project delivers is possible savings of thousands of dollars to Auto-Owners.  By addressing expiring contracts and bringing attention to them we are aiding in a critical business process.

 All of the systems information will be securely stored in a database interacting with each client application. There will be a login system as shown on the right which will ensure only authorized access to the application.

 We have built our application to be as extendable as possible. By leveraging the C#/.NET programming language we have created a program that will be easily maintainable. As well as using a Data-Access Layer we have created intuitive code for accessing critical data from our SQL2005 database.

Anthony Ehret, Chad Carter, Joe Bradford, Chung-Hua Tsai

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