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When learning to do something new on your computer, have you ever thought, "Can't I just watch an instructional movie of this with video of a computer screen?" TechSmith, based in Okemos, Michigan, is known around the world for software that creates such videos.

TechSmith has recently released a software project that allows, for the first time, a fully-automated suite of screen recording and publishing tools. It provides educators with a lightweight tool for capturing audio/video recordings of their Windows or Mac OS desktops, and discrete connectivity with a server computer set up with TechSmith's software. This server computer publishes screen recordings, making them available as podcasts, on FTP servers, or on

Team TechSmith's project is to investigate the feasibility of a Linux platform client. Thus, it will be functionally and visually the same as the Windows and Mac clients, which TechSmith has already developed. It will use an invisible uploader program to communicate with the server software.

Screen recording on Linux platforms is accomplished in a much different way than for the Windows or Mac OS. Furthermore, the open-source community has already developed several methods of accomplishing task, which the team will utilize, improve, and encapsulate into an intuitive SDK (software developer kit).

Notable technologies implemented in this project will include C++, Qt, FFMPEG, XML, HTTPS, and Windows Server 2003.

Ian Taylor, Mike Ezzo, Keith Barnes, Mike Harriman

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