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Sircon Corporation is one of the leading providers of software and services to the insurance industry.  Sircon's software helps insurance carriers and state insurance regulators streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

Producer Express (PX) is a web-based application that automates the process of signing up to sell insurance for a given carrier.  People who sell insurance are called producers.  One of the central features of PX is AutoPilot, which automatically collects and processes producer information from a variety of sources.  For this project, we focused on reducing the difficulty of setting up AutoPilot for a new PX customer.

Currently, Sircon's customers submit their process requirements to Sircon.  A trained analyst configures AutoPilot to meet the requirements manually using Extensible Markup Language (XML), and PX reads and follows the configuration automatically.

To increase Sircon's productivity, we have created the AutoPilot Workflow Editor (AWE).  Instead of writing in XML, Sircon's analysts will use AWE's graphical flowchart interface which makes the process much more intuitive.

This application was written using the Java programming language in the NetBeans development environment, and will run on the Windows XP operating system.  AWE application generates the Extensible Markup Language (XML) files required to configure AutoPilot

Mark Aikman, Akif Catal, Andrew Blossom, Matt Newman

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