Poseidon Executor 2008

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The Poseidon Executor 2008 is a flight simulator for Boeing's new P-8A Poseidon, a long-range, submarine-hunting aircraft.

The Poseidon airframe is based on the Boeing 737, one of the most successful commercial airliners.  The Poseidon is being equipped with advanced electronics systems that will give it unmatched capabilities for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

The Poseidon Executor 2008 includes an all-purpose user interface, which is responsible for launching and managing all of the components required by the flight simulator.

Our simulator allows for several methods of flight control, including auto-pilot from a computer file as well as manual control via a keyboard, mouse, or joystick.

Along with controlling flight, a user can customize the simulator to create and run scenarios. Configurable aspects include camera views, weapon systems, terrain, environment, other aircraft, and enemy submarines.

Components of the simulator communicate with each other using a computer network. Much like online multiplayer gaming, users in separate physical locations are able to actively participate in the same simulation.

CIGI, the Common Image Generator Interface, is the basis for the Poseidon Executor 2008. CIGI is an open source project currently under development by Boeing. This project is a Microsoft MFC application written in C# and C++.

Steve Emelander, Tom Stark, Scott Walenty, Nick Thrower

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